Welcome to the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail!

Over the past 140 years, the Lamoille Valley Rail Road sought to make its living one of the rarest occurrences in Vermont, an east-west passage. The railway served the people of Vermont from 1877 until its closing in 1994. In 1997, the Vermont Association of Snow Travelers, Inc. (VAST) responded to the State of Vermont’s request for proposal of future uses for the Lamoille Valley Railroad. The development plan consisted of transforming the old rail corridor into a year-round, multi-use recreation destination spanning across the northern portion of the state. It was selected as the best future use for the rail corridor and after legislative approval in 2002, the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail (LVRT) was born.



VAST is working in partnership with the Vermont Agency of Transportation to complete this ambitious project. When completed, the LVRT will connect eighteen communities in five counties. At 93 mile long, the LVRT will be the longest rail trail in New England, offering spectacular views into the heart of Vermont’s working landscape. It will take users through farms and forests, right into the downtown districts of Vermont’s scenic communities.

Currently there are 33 miles of trail through six communities open for hikers, bikers, equestrians, snowmobilers, snowshoers, cross-country skiers, dog mushers and more, all 100% ADA accessible. This is a trail for everyone regardless of their ability or recreational pursuit. With your help, we can finish the remaining 60 miles of trail and make this dream a reality.


Let's finish this trail!

A completed section of trail leading to downtown Morrisville, Vermont


Become a part of the project!

The Lamoille Valley Rail Trail is more than just a recreation trail. It encapsulates almost a century and a half of cultural history and offers educational opportunities for local schools. It provides a safe, universally accessible corridor for people to get outdoors and exercise. It means a real economic boost to communities and local businesses in some of the most rural areas of Vermont.

While VAST is Vermont’s snowmobile organization, the LVRT is not just a snowmobile trail, it is a trail for everyone. VAST is working with the State of Vermont, local communities, partner organizations, and the general public to bring this trail to Vermont. We see this trail as an opportunity to have different user groups coming together and working in concert on a common goal. Together we can finish this trail, but we need your help!

There are many ways to get involved in the LVRT:

Donate! We are launching a Capital Campaign to raise the necessary funds to build and maintain the trail.

Pitch in! The completed sections of trail will need to be maintained. Lend a hand on a work day or support a ballot initiative to mow a section of trail in your community.

Support the Trail! Phases II & III still need to go through the ACT 250 process and we will need community support. Let your local and state legislatures know that you want to see this project completed.