We invite you to submit pictures of your east-west adventure to our Galleries page, whether one memorable moment or the record of an entire journey. We’ll feature the best shots in our Picture of the Week section and choose others for our seasonal galleries.

Photo Of The Week


Rail Trail construction begins on Section 1B! June 2014

These shots were taken along the section between Cambridge and Morrisville. Photos by Al Spitzer.

The Real Trail

These shots, taken from various vantage points along the rail trail, offer a wonderful sense of the history and beauty that the finished LVRT will offer. While most views are from the original rail bed, a few were taken along the completed section in Swanton. Photos by Jim Giberti and Kevin Russell.

Kevin Russell’s Journey

In October 2005, Kevin Russell, an early friend of the LVRT, set out to hike the entire length from St. Johnsbury to Swanton. He covered the nearly 100 mile distance in five days, enjoying some of the small town hospitality along the trail. (In a way, Kevin was the Lewis…or Clark of the new East-West Adventure.) These are some of the shots Kevin took at different points along the original railbed. They’re taken during a somber, solitary time of year in Vermont, and are a wonderful record of his journey.

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